Great Ayton Animal Centre

RSPCA’s Great Ayton Animal Centre provides vital care and treatment for vulnerable, sick and injured animals across North Yorkshire. We need your help to cover 1 month’s costs of feeding, caring for, rehabilitating and rehoming animals that come into the centre.

Caring for animals that need our help
Our dedicated staff and volunteers are there to make sure that every animal that comes into the centre receives the best possible care and attention. Depending on their needs and the scale of their injuries, some animals have to stay at the centre for months before they’re fit and healthy enough to leave. Given the number of different species and the variety of injuries that staff have to deal with, keeping the centre running is a very costly business.

Finding new homes
It’s a harsh reality that the centre is almost always operating at full capacity, so staff have to make sure they’re doing everything possible to find these animals a new home. We found homes for 342 animals in 2012, including 144 cats, 74 dogs and 35 rabbits. Our staff spend a lot of time ensuring the animals are in the best possible condition for rehoming, and prospective owners are capable of meeting the needs of each animal.

While they’re with us our team take huge care in ensuring their stay with us at the centre is happy and enjoyable as possible. Sometimes specialist care and training is needed before an animal is ready to for a new home, and the centre is able to deal with the most difficult cases. 

During their stay we make sure they have toys to keep them busy and they’re regular taken for walks and given access to the exercise facilities. Most importantly, they receive the love and attention they deserve receiving daily contact with staff and volunteers.

Animals like Popsie
Popsie, a black and white rabbit, was discovered living in squalor by an RSPCA Inspector. Popsie was kept in an outhouse by his owner where human sewage was backing up from the drains, causing the floor of the outhouse to become filthy. As a result, Popsie’s paws had become sore and itchy, which caused him to bite them until they bled. As a result both feet ended up badly infected. 

Popsie was taken by the RSPCA Inspector Ian Wilson to a local vet for examination. The vet gave treatment for Popsie’s sore paws, including antibiotics and pain relief. However, after numerous follow-up appointments, the vet was left with no option but to amputate Popsie’s front left paw after several weeks of unsuccessful treatment. Following his operation, Popsie was taken to RSPCA Great Ayton Animal Centre to find himself the forever loving home that he deserved.

After a 9 month stay at Great Ayton Animal Centre, Popsie finally found his forever home where he is settling in nicely. Inspector Ian Wilson said "I am really pleased that we have been able to remove Popsie from such a terrible situation and that he has found a new loving home."

As for Popsie's original owner who caused so much undue suffering, he was ordered to pay £500 and was disqualified from keeping animals for 10 years.

How your support will help animals at RSPCA Great Ayton Animal Centre.

It costs £35,250 to run RSPCA Great Ayton Animal Centre for one month. By supporting this project you will be helping: 

  • Cover the cost of animal feed and bedding required to make an animal’s stay at RSPCA Great Ayton Animal Centre as comfortable as possible.
  • Purchase collars, leads and other walking equipment, chews, toys and other items to enrich the lives of animals at RSPCA Great Ayton Animal Centre during their stay;
  • Pay for any veterinary treatment and/or behavioural rehabilitation required by animals at our centre;
  • Cover the costs of neutering, microchipping vaccinations and routine veterinary treatment for animals at our centre;
  • Develop special rehoming appeals for our longer-term residents to promote them online and through local and national media.
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£5.00 Thanks to Mr Paul Rutherford 01 September 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Mr Michael Dietz 31 August 2014
£5.00 Thanks to Mr Richard Hurren 31 August 2014 Well done Nix! Great cause, youve done us proud! xx
£20.00 Thanks to Mr David Rogerson 30 August 2014 Good luck
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs SUE Marshall 30 August 2014 my cousin Abi well done and do it for the girls and (animals)xx
£5.00 Thanks to Miss Charlene Sneddon 29 August 2014 Good luck Ab! Xx
£10.00 Thanks to Miss Amy West 29 August 2014 Good luck from Amy and Pablo!
£5.00 Thanks to Miss Lauren Bottrill 29 August 2014 Good Luck Ab :) loads of love xx
£5.00 Thanks to Mrs Claire Wall 29 August 2014 See you there babes! Good luck! :D xxx
£25.00 Thanks to Mrs Christine Mundy 28 August 2014 A great cause, do it for the animals. Love Mum, Dad & Chester xxx
£5.00 Thanks to Miss Jess Tucker 27 August 2014 RSPCA make sure this goes to anaimals !!!!! Mainly cats !!!!!
£30.00 Thanks to Anonymous 27 August 2014 For the buns
£5.00 Thanks to Miss Helina Cannon 26 August 2014 Wooop wooop, well done Miss Mundy, Im sure youll smash it on Saturday!! Big love to thee xx
£20.00 Thanks to Mr David Ainsworth 26 August 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Tracey Johnson 23 August 2014 Go nikkynoo!You can do it! Love stu and tray xxxxx
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs keeley sturdy 23 August 2014 Good luck nik, great cause and I know how much it means to you personally 😊 xxx
£10.00 Thanks to Miss Emma Boothby 23 August 2014 There you go love xx
£10.00 Thanks to Miss Hannah Joyce 22 August 2014 Good luck :-) x
£10.00 Thanks to Mr Christopher Brown 20 August 2014 Fid
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 19 August 2014
£20.00 Thanks to Miss Sarah Dietz 19 August 2014 Good luck! Love Sarah and Si xx
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Tracey Crapper 18 August 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Bev Airey 18 August 2014 Well done you
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 18 August 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 13 July 2014
£15.00 Thanks to Anonymous 16 April 2014
£5.00 Thanks to Mr Jack Mayer 01 March 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Mr James Denton 28 February 2014
£5.00 Thanks to Mr Andrew Woodcock 28 February 2014
£5.00 Thanks to Mr James Reed 27 February 2014 good luck! apologies for the student budget.
£4.00 Thanks to Mr Mark Harrison 25 February 2014 Good luck! :)
£6.00 Thanks to Miss Sophie Brownlee 24 February 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Miss Crisitna Brebenar 24 February 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Mr Oliver Dancey 24 February 2014
£10.00 Thanks to Miss Isil Mirzanli 23 February 2014 Good luck!! :)
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 23 February 2014
£20.00 Thanks to Miss Amanda Cornforth 31 December 2013
£10.00 Thanks to Miss Rebecca Lockley 19 December 2013
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